Our Organisation has a Governing Body Called Managing Committee consisting of 7 (Seven) Members with full experience and they are managing all Management Affairs of the Organisation including day to day affairs of the Organisation headed by the Chairman of the Organisation.

The Staffs of the Organisation are all well trained & experienced Staffs and they have got different Trainings from different Departments & Agencies from time to time.

Thus, the Members of the Organisation and General Staffs are keeping in touch each other for smooth functioning of the Organisation and everybody goes strictly as per the Rules & Regulations framed under its namely “Memorandum of Association & Bye-Law” of the Organisation.

The Management of the Organisation is systematic and formal. The books of the accounts and other relevant records have been maintained properly and the accounts are being audited annually by the Chartered Accountants. Different Sub-Managing Committee Members are formed from time to time to manage the Programmes/Projects regularly. Again, two teams of Volunteers for Male and Female are taking a great role in all activities of the Organisation.

They have been  working very sincerly for the welfare of the Society with a spirit of Voluntarism in all walks of the Organisation without any discrimination of Sex, Cast, Race & Religion as full time workers and no Honorarium is taken in their life still from the  Organisation for their benefit and most of them are from the poor family.

We  have a team of well-experienced staffs , Volunteers along with Managing Committee & Sub Managing Committee Members for looking after the day-to-day affairs and Projects of the Organisation & the Male & Female Volunteers are also working very actively as per the rules and regulations framed under its namely “Memorandum and bye-law” of the organisation.

The Management of the organisation is systematic and formal by maintaining the  books of the accounts and other relevant records properly and the accounts are audited annually by the chartered Accountant.We have  Branches, Centres and Administrative offices in different parts/ places of India.

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